Happy New Year – and so it begins….

I don’t know about anyone else but I can NEVER get started on New Year changes on the 1st January. For me it’s just a really bad time to kick things off. The Husband and kids are still at home, we aren’t in any real routine and there are still lots of social activities going on. The first day back at work is a MUCH better start point as, for me, that’s when things really start to get back to normal.

Due to my innate sloth-esque tendencies, I did make a couple of advance plans. As it stands today, 4th January 2016, I am committed to a 516 mile challenge raising money for MNDA and Bowel Cancer UK (walking and running miles count), GoTri’s inaugural Hamble event (check it out if you fancy a fun and friendly intro into multi-sports events), Southampton Half Marathon and Endure24 as part of a Ladies 5 team (called Tired and Emotional for reasons that will, I’m sure, become glaringly clear in June!).

As it’s been such a long time since I ran either far or frequently, I have resisted the temptation to plunge headfirst into an intermediate training plan. I fear that would mean injury would be hot on my heels. Instead I have a 12 week beginner plan. This gives me 4 weeks to get a bit of a head start!

Oh, and I almost forgot that my brother enrolled me on a swim course with the Tri Club to improve my ‘technique’. So in theory I should master the art of swimming and breathing, without drowning, over the next couple of months…..

Now all that remains is for me to liberate my kit from the depths of the wardrobe, shoehorn myself into it, lace up my pretty, new shoes and get out training under cover of darkness!


How about you? 

Do you get stuck in from 1st January or do you need more routine and normality to help ease the transition?

P.S. Thanks for the lovely feedback on my last post. I really appreciate that people take the time to read and respond to my ramblings. To those who shared how they are feeling about similar issues, I’m honoured that you shared with me. And those who have offered to train with me at silly times of the morning or evening…. Watch out, I could be knocking on your door very soon!!


1 thought on “Happy New Year – and so it begins….”

  1. Ahh you’re doing Endure24 again! Love your team name as well! 🙂 I was tempted…but I’m not sure. I think I’ll need to see how I feel closer to the time (where I’m sure someone might have dropped out and a place might be available – or there won’t be and then the decision is out of my hands!).
    January is so depressing… come on spring is what I say!


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