Hit me baby one more time!

Despite the potential for a slightly saucy post sitting under this title (Ha!!), this is, sadly just another parenting blog post extolling the joy of parenting a wilful 2 year old! 

I can currently be found, hiding in the en-suite with a glass of red praying that the miniest me stops yelling sometime soon. For the concerned amongst you, she is safely ensconced in her cot, it is past her bedtime and she is knackered. 

It’s never failed to baffle me how, the more tired kids are, the more energy they seem duty bound to pour into resisting…… Well, resisting just about any kind of cooperative or compliant behaviour!! 

In the three hours I have spent with the whirling dervish this evening I have been bitten (x 5, possibly more), kicked, scratched, hit and subjected to relentless screaming and crying. Whilst simultaneously being begged for cuddles, stopping her from leaping off the back of the sofa, justifying why she absolutely cannot have yet another plum (3 down already and it’s way to close to bed time to risk more – a 2am nappy change from hell is not on today’s to do list) and attempting to mediate the all out war that is waging between the girls. Sisters!!!!

There is just nothing to compare with the joys of parenting!! 


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