Life is like a box of chocolates…

Or so said Forrest in the apparently amazing film (which I’ve never actually seen!)..

This week has been a pretty good mix of hazelnut swirls and Turkish delights and probably equally as many coffee creams! Let’s count them..

Hazelnut Swirls and Turkish Delights

The Husband home early two evenings out of 4 meaning I had help with bath & bedtime AND got to the gym and running club.

Coffee Cream

Eldest daughter having an unprovoked mother of all tantrums on one of those evenings ensuring that the youngest was totally distraught at bedtime, the eldest had ALL of her toys confiscated and my gym visit was reduced by half.

Hazelnut Swirls and Turkish Delights

Being back in the thick of it at running club – seeing people I have barely seen this year. All looking fab and running strong – well done!

Coffee Cream

Choosing the hill interval session, being the slowest there and absolutely!

Hazelnut Swirls and Turkish Delights

Despite the above – keeping running throughout the session AND all the way back to the club house.

Hazelnut Swirls and Turkish Delights

Choosing the sunniest day of the week to take off work and visit Peppa Pig World with the girls. Arriving for when it opened as I expected it to be busy, we headed straight for ‘PigLand’ and the queues began… Thankfully the girls were really good and as long as I provided an endless supply of snacks they tolerated the waiting brilliantly.

Post lunch we met a couple of Lily’s school friends which worked brilliantly. It never ceases to amaze me how much easier it is to manage 6 children between three adults than being on my own with my 2. Of course it’s down to team work – groups of mums instinctively ‘have each others backs’ and make things like toilet trips and keeping an eye on who’s wandering off in what direction infinitely easier.

Happily this particular day didn’t have any coffee creams. We were all far too exhausted for anyone to bother being tricky!

Added after writing the first draft…. Actually, one coffee cream springs to mind. 

Watching proudly as the youngest removed her nappy and put on a pair of pants, then being intrigued by her decision to put a pull up on OVER the pants only to realise 10 minutes later she’s gone VERY quiet…

Me: “Flo, where are you?”
Flo: “I in Lily’s room”
Me: “What are you doing?”
Flo: “I having a poo……. I need to have a poo in my pants”

I have no words!!!!!

Coffee Cream

Waking up in agony struggling to move – literally in pain from my neck to my hips. Not the achy cold/flu type aches but also not exercise or injury type aches. Just full on pain that makes you feel sick!

Hazelnut Swirls and Turkish Delights

Mum doing her regular Thursday thing with the girls. They love having her here for a few hours each week and it allows me a rare chance to tidy up a bit before bedtime.

Laughing at Flo being so deliberately antagonistic towards Lily.. I quote “I’m going to make Lily grumpy – I’m sitting on her chair” and then giggling….. Without a doubt she is going to run rings round us and her big sister!

New brogues 💕

No wine has been opened this week and only one G&T has been consumed.

I am painfully aware this doesn’t quite cover the whole week and, due to half term, there is a full weekend still to come without the usual sports activities to pass the time so things could deteriorate but all in all I think I’ll chalk this half term up as… not too bad at all!

How do you cope during the school holidays? How has half term been for you? Do you live for the school holidays or are you (not so) secretly relieved when they’re over?


1 thought on “Life is like a box of chocolates…”

  1. Hold the boat, you’ve never seen Forest Gump?? It’s a FANTASTIC film. Seriously, I’ve seen it about 8 times and still love it.
    I think my chocolate equivalents of yours would be the country fudge for the good stuff and the orange crème for the bad. Bleurgh!
    I went to Pepper Pig once with my niece. Never again.


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