A Bit Like Switzerland

… I’m talking about my new trainers. Nice and neutral.. Sadly not made of chocolate though.

This year has been plagued by running ambivalence and injury. After a disastrous half marathon at Hampton Court Palace in the early part of the year I decided not to enter any more races and just focus on the tri’s. Focus being code for not train nearly enough!

It suited home life too as I had no babysitter for club nights and The Husband was rarely home early enough for me to go. 

I used the summer months to do a bit of physio and a bit of gym work (not enough of either but better than none), determined to resolve the physical imbalances causing the hip and arse pain! It should be noted at this point that a large proportion of credit for causing my injury can be attributed to my children… Thanks girls! 

Part of the treatment was to switch from moderate support running shoes to neutral on the advice of my physio. 

And the point of this post? Well, firstly it makes a change from bleating on about the tiny terrorists that live with me, but more importantly, this evening I ran completely pain free for the first time in months. I’m off my pace (which is saying something given I wasn’t fast before!), but I can tackle that over the winter. The main thing is, I actually felt comfortable running. 

So, with the cold months coming in (yay, I was made for winter running) and my lovely neutral shoes, I’m allowing a little glimmer of hope for a decent race or two next year. 

Now I just need to find a suitable event for Valentines Day as I heard today the Brooklands Half Marathon I had entered has been cancelled… 

Any race recommendations? 


2 thoughts on “A Bit Like Switzerland”

  1. Oooh exciting times ahead then! Why did your physio advise you neutral over support trainers? I’m just curious as I’ve always gone for support ones as I have flat feet and over-pronate, but I’ve had so many injuries I wonder whether better trainers could be the answer…


    1. Fingers crossed!

      I think the theory is that neutral shoes allow your body to move naturally whereas support shoes force your muscles and joints to do something that’s not natural just because a text book somewhere days that’s how you ‘should’ move. By focussing on strengthening the weaknesses and building the right supporting muscles, my natural movement should become pain free. I’ve probably over simplified it!!!


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