A Girly Weekend

…..with a twist! No fizz, frocks or fancy restaurants here!

This weekend it was just ‘the girls team’ at home as The Husband was away Saturday morning through to Sunday lunchtime.

Ordinarily, I REALLY look forward to the weekends because The Husband is home and I can, deliberately, step back (a bit) from the children. However, I have learnt that when it is going to be just me and them for a weekend, the key is to minimise pressure.

Just add friends

My top ten rules for the weekend were:

Prepare the mini’s….. Mine look forward to Daddy time at weekends so it’s really important that I psyche them up for him being away.

Forget being anywhere at a certain time, that’s for the Monday to Friday grind or when you’re Team Parent.

It’s incredibly sensible, some might say crucial, to have a selection of small but effective treats (aka bribes!) up your sleeve. Strictly Come Dancing was a good one this weekend as the mini’s love all things sparkly. Honey Bee popcorn was another, vital treat..

Line up activities that will wear them out! I grant you, swimming twice in one day is an utter arse-ache but when they both go to sleep for 90 minutes in the afternoon it’ll have been worth it! Even if they don’t both sleep, they are likely to succumb to some kind of afternoon chill out.

But don’t over plan the activities! This links back to the time issue but be realistic about what you can, or will want to, fit into the weekend.

Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT plan to do any extra chores! The big shop, the mountain of filing, the long overdue spring clean….. Nuh-Uh! Accept that the absolute MOST you should expect to achieve is that everyone gets to bedtime fed, watered, tired and hopefully without incident or accident. If the washing up gets done or the wet washing dries on the line, that is a bonus!

Don’t be afraid to call for back up. In my case a very good friend with similar aged mini’s whose husband is often not around much at weekends, is generally up for a catch up. In fact, it’s not unusual for us to decamp to one house for the duration if both Husbands are away overnight. Sleepovers aren’t just for teens… they are immeasurably useful to preserve Mummy’s sanity! The kids have fun and you get adult conversation.

Make sure the planner has something on it you want to watch – Saturday night TV (after SCD) is DIRE!

Grab an early night….


And you know what….. we survived. Actually, more than that, we had fun! And there were no arguments…..Until Daddy got home. But that’s blog-fodder for another day!



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