Tri, Tri and (maybe) Tri again…

Last weekend saw me complete my second ever triathlon. And man alive it was tough.

I really ought to find a hobby that doesn't require 5am Starts on a Sunday!
I really ought to find a hobby that doesn’t require 5am Starts on a Sunday!
I’d entered it off the back of the high at completing the Mayday Tri and with high expectations of training hard through the summer and improve my performance – if not my times, then certainly the pain experienced actually participating….

Alas a summer of physio put paid to that and I now realise my vile mood towards the end of last week was, in part at least, due to the event looming large in my mind and the unavoidable knowledge that I was anything but fit for it!

You see, whilst I know I will never win any of these events, I do put myself under pressure to ‘perform’ as well as I think I should be able to!

Feeling like a proper Triathlete!
Feeling like a proper Triathlete!
I’m going to gloss over the times and simply say it’s done! Thank the Lord!! Without a doubt the bike leg was nothing short of utterly vile. With around 1000m of climb over the 25km distance it was a real struggle for my lack of gear shifting competence / cycling experience and unfit legs.

I walked up part of three of the biggest hills. Expletives were plentiful  –  at one point I startled some horses enjoying their morning feed as I loudly declared “You are F@#*ing kidding me” as I rounded a bend to see more climbing looming in the fog ahead!

No need for a close up!!
No need for a close up!!
Moan over, here are my positives:

  • I finished!
  • I have learnt what I need to work on over the winter to improve my performance next May…
  • I have a wonderful friend who always finds the positives in what I (and others) achieve. She analyses performance, doesn’t justify ‘poor’ performance but is realistic and forces me to be too. She doesn’t force her opinions on anyone but makes it hard for people to disagree when she has so clearly stated the facts as they really are not as I might ‘wish’ them to be.
  • I am a member of an amazing Tri club which has more than its’ fair share of outstanding athletes. Yet in spite of their talent, they encourage, support and nurture new, improving, excelling and struggling members alike. Not once have I been made to feel I’m ‘not good enough’ by anyone other than myself.
  • My husband and my kids think I’m pretty amazing even if I don’t.
  • Despite being really pissed with myself I’m planning to Tri again!

Proof I finished
Proof I finished
If you’ve ever wondered about having a crack at a Triathlon, I’d highly recommend it. But more than that, I’d highly recommend finding a good club to help you along the way. And if you live on the East side of Southampton – give HERC Triathlon Club a go… You won’t look back!

Club Champs trophy winners
Club Champs trophy winners
I should also say – this weekend’s Tri was organised by Petersfield Tri Club who did a wonderful job. As I understand it this Tri has only been running for 4 years but has doubled in size over that time and I can only imagine what a mammoth effort it must be for all involved to deal with that. The marshalls were friendly, the organisation easily on par with a ‘professionally’ run event, with possibly even better communication (TryTri I’m looking at you!) and the whole event had a really great vibe to it. Well done to all the members and their families who chipped in to make it so much fun!

Would you ever do a Tri?

What’s been your worst event and what did you learn from it?

Do you perceive sports clubs as welcoming or potentially intimidating?


2 thoughts on “Tri, Tri and (maybe) Tri again…”

  1. I don’t know how you guys do it. I find running races hard enough – but to add in the complications of swimming and cycling AND the transition thingies…beyond me!! Well done. Regardless of the time you did it (I don’t even know what a “good” time is in the tri world!) I think you’re amazing.

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