Getting to know Flo

If you’ve read recently, you’ll know I’ve been having some ‘issues’ with the youngest’s behaviour.. 

On reflection though I think what has really happened is she’s experienced more upheaval in the last year than she can cope with. Don’t get me wrong, I know some children experience far more/worse, but this is her not them and our circumstances are what they are. 

I also recognise that me working full time and The Husband working crazy hours means our home life is nothing if not a bit chaotic!

Having spent the last week, virtually uninterrupted with the girls I conclude she, and the eldest, are quite….. Normal!

Both are head strong, determined, stubborn and intelligent. They fight like cat and dog AND look out for each other. 

They are tough to manage and demand more of me than I am sometimes willing, or able, to give. 
Flo is in constant need of physical closeness and cuddles… Not much fun when it’s 34 degrees in the shade! But is that really odd for a 2 year old? 

She finds food a waste of precious playing time and acts up if we try to make her eat.. Yet when she’s hungry she really goes for it. Surely something we could all learn from is to eat when hungry not because the clock says it’s time to eat? 

Similarly, if she wants her yoghurt before her savoury, or half a sandwich is enough to fill her up, who am I to say she’s ‘wrong’? 

I’m generally a strict parent but this last week has shown me that maybe I need to relax a bit with the girls. They both respond to being given information and freedom so, within limits, I should probably allow them both a little more of both. 

I’ve picked up some potentially great tips from ‘How to talk so kids will listen’ as featured in my last post & will cover off a few personal highlights in future posts. Now I just need to convince The Husband to read it.. Consistency is everything with kids and my girls are no exception!!!


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