A Right Lazy Arse

That, in short, is the problem with my running at the moment.

None of this is news but to recap on (many) previous posts, over the last seven months training has got harder and my ‘speed’ (haha!) has got slower! I started experiencing numb toes whenever I ran more than 4 miles. So I stopped doing that!

Having run well over half of a HM with numb toes (which are surprisingly painful), I pulled out of another one that was planned and focused on the Tri..

Fast forward past Endure & I decided to take the advice of a physio who, it seems is treating half the running club!

I’ve known for a while I have a lazy arse (weak glutes) but was expecting the cause of the numb toes to be trainer related. Not so…

Function and movement tests and observations suggest that the problem lays firmly in the fact that my arse, specifically my right arse cheek, is lazy.

The link between numb left toes and a weak right glute will have a post all to itself. But it’s interesting how the body can experience pain in a place seemingly completely unrelated to the actual cause. To be fair this isn’t really news to me – I often saw this with PT clients, although they would usually be quite sceptical, which is understandable. After all, if you drop a brick on your toe it’s not your finger that hurts is it? So surely if someone’s knee / hip / back / arm hurts, that MUST be where the problem is…. right??? (Wrong in case you’re wondering!)

But I digress. The good news is that my general functional movement and physical ability is high. At some point Dan the Physio Man might even have uttered the word ‘athlete’ in connection to me (I kid you not….. but don’t panic, I’m sure Jess Ennis has nothing to worry about!). There are just a few weak links that need to be corrected and I should see an improvement.

The even better news is that the remedial exercises should also help tackle the post baby issues I still have….

The bad news is that, given this information, I have to drag my sorry lazy right arse cheek (& my mind!) out of denial. If my abs are essentially in great shape then I can no longer keep placing the blame for my tummy on my kids! Quite clearly I need to focus… not just on the physio but on my training and my nutrition. It’s time to accept a bottle of Sav Blanc and a (huge) packet of Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Chips cannot, in any way, ever constitute a balanced diet!

That’s it for now, I’m off to Google some images that might help you understand the reason my right glute affects my left toes!


2 thoughts on “A Right Lazy Arse”

  1. Ahh the glutes. I had that issue last year. That was causing me some IT band issue that hurt my knee. I started doing loads more strength work and it’s completely gone. In fact, I’ve been injury free now since January – my longest ever stretch! But I do have to do strength training every week to make sure it doesn’t return. I do squats, lunges, deadlifts, single leg-focused work, resistance band work (like walking with it round your ankles)…it’s boring as hell but if it means no injuries I’m happy to do it! You’re not alone in your weak glutes – it’s pretty much the most common reason why people get injured!


    1. I am 100% guilty of not cross training enough!! Happily the physio seems to be helping and I actually enjoyed a cheeky 4 miler this morning!
      Loving your blog at the mo…. Not loving the porridge / chia disaster before parkrun though…. Why is it always when you’re in a hurry??!!


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