Live, Run

Running Early

I’ve always been good at time keeping. I hate lateness – so you can imagine how irritating I find it that, since the arrival of the kids, all I do is run bloody late!! Everywhere and for everything. No matter what tricks and bribery I result to! 

Except for running… Recently I’ve been getting a little more regular with my early morning training sessions. Supported in part by Emma who has been on an injury comeback so hasn’t needed to run far or fast and doesn’t hate running at 5am! That said, I think her recovery is now well underway and she’s now too quick and running too long for me again! 

This week I had a real Eureka moment when it suddenly dawned on me…. The real reason I get up at 4.45 to run at 5am.

In part it is circumstantial of course. The Husband’s commute for a start. But, it’s also to do with peace. 

The day I had my moment of enlightenment, I had been out for an early 3 miles, done my home physio*, completed an upper body weights sesh, downed a cuppa and hung the washing out.. All before 6.15… 

My enlightenment though actually came at about 7.30 whilst the girls were scrapping over breakfast, who sat in which chair, what spoon they’d use. Screams of “No”, “stop it” and “muuuuummmmyyyyyy Flo just….” Echoed from the dining room. 

Yep, peace and quiet, that’s what you get at 5am. At the mo, the sun is already up so there’s no sunrise but you still get to see the mist over the fields, listen to the birds and just enjoy the peace. 

Just blissful!

How do you cope with the noise of life?

* Post to follow on the treatment I’m currently having. 


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