Endure24 The Second Year Part 1


Once upon a time (& in fact even earlier this year at Common People) these flags would have meant I was at a festival and looking forward to a sleepless weekend of fun and beer!

Aside from the beer, and contrary to what my non running friends think, this weekend was just that. A fun festival…. With a twist! 

This was my second year and, having experienced horrific weather at last years event I was praying for a finer weekend this time around.

It’s fair to say that, for various reasons I wasn’t overly excited about the race before the weekend. Not really sure why, I put it down to having been running pretty badly most of this year and therefore having lost the love a bit! 

I was in a ladies team of 8 this year – technically I was the captain but to be honest that was only in so much as I got the 8 of us together and co-ordinated the actual entry. I certainly didn’t do any captain-ing!! 

A couple of weeks before the event, team WTF, When’s the Finish, got together and agreed our aim (have fun), our strategy (run only as far as we each wanted to) and our kit list (almost none of which I supplied being the most hopeless camper I know!).. At that meeting it transpired that we had at least half the team either injured or recovering from illness/injury!  

The lovely Linda put together a running order which accommodated the various needs of the team, two laps for Emma (recovering from injury) as instructed by her Physio, one for Paula (awaiting an ankle operation) so she’d qualify for her medal, one for Jenna (injured) again, to qualify and four for the rest of us.. I think I’ve recalled that correctly. 

The week prior to Endure I developed a hip niggle which I believe is connected to my four mile numb toes issue…. Tbc by the Physio this week I hope.. But essentially, walking was pretty painful so I started to get anxious about running 5 mile laps at weird times of the day (or night!!).

WTF clearly stood for ‘Who’s Trail Fit’!!

Thankfully with a team ethos to have fun no matter what, I was reassured that all I had to do was my best.. 

There’s actually too much to say about different aspects of the weekend for one post so I’ll be looking at different aspects in a few forthcoming posts. 

However, for now I can honestly say I had a ball. I learnt a lot about my team mates and, together we covered 125 miles in 24 hours. We came 24/31 ladies 8’s and were the fastest over our distance. All reasons to be pretty bloody chuffed. 

As a club member it was an amazing experience too. The support from all of the club teams, along with the awesome achievements of everyone – the club covered over 1200miles between our teams – was second to none. 

And next year I’m going to do it again… But I think I might tackle it as a smaller team.. I quite fancy properly training for it and beating my current track record of three laps in both years!!! 



1 thought on “Endure24 The Second Year Part 1”

  1. I’m so pleased you’re doing more posts, looking forward to hearing more about it! I’m sad I wasn’t there (though my experience of the actual running last year wasn’t that great I enjoyed the event as a whole) but I’m glad I chose to do my marathon so I could sort those demons out. I was jealous of seeing it all on Facebook though – it looked like such good fun!


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