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actually, in this instance, not so much!!

Having spent almost three months recovering from a vile cold and series of infections earlier this year I was obsessively trying everything to avoid another cold! 

So imagine my disappointment that, despite having spent the last week avoiding kissing The Husband and ducking for cover every time he or the kids coughed or sneezed, I have succumbed to their evil germs!
And, more annoyingly, this comes not a week after we (re)joined our local gym.. So whilst my motivation is pretty high but I can’t breathe and break into a sweat walking from one room to the next. 

So, with just 4 weeks to Endure24, and chomping at the bit to get going with some proper core and strength training (I have been given an exciting but challenging training plan!) I just need to stop my nose running like a tap and my chest wheezing like an 80 year old lifelong smoker!!

Kids and their germs!!!! 


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