Bricking it…

This time tomorrow I’ll have completed my first triathlon. And yet, far from feeling anxious I’m sat here with a glass of red wine, painting my nails while the Husband is at the pub. 

Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not cocky or complacent and I have no doubt I’ll be nervous in the morning. But right now I feel ok. 

It’s that fait accompli feeling.. My kit box is packed and I can do no more. 

Yesterday I did my one and only brick session. And it was ok.. Yes my legs were numb when I started running but essentially, it was fine. 

Except for this…

The offending strap has been moved and taped so my leg should be safe tomorrow. And I’ve packed a couple of ‘patch’ plasters as it’s quite sore. 

So, with pretty toes (I know, priorities huh!!), I bid you goodnight. 

If you’re racing tomorrow have fun. I’ll be back with a race review next week. 

Good luck fellow Hedgies! 


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