Southampton 10k

I’m guessing everyone’s as fed up of reading about how crap my training has been this year as I am of living it!

So this is a complete departure from that. Today I completed the Southampton 10k. Having had an almighty wobble post Hampton Court I decided the half was out for me. Too much illness and too little training meant that I was in the wrong place, physically and mentally. 

Various things happened over the last few weeks, including a Tri-Suit horror of the highest order and somewhere along the line a friend asked me to run the 10k with her sister. 

Her sister is new to running and wasn’t feeling confident at tha point. I, knowing it would remove all pressure from me for the duration of the training and on the day, agreed. 

The Husband was annoyed. He felt it would be bad for me, for a number of reasons. I disagreed and so, in the week running up to the race, I avoided any discussion around my race plan, pace etc. 

When the alarm went at 6 this morning, it was amazing. No race day nerves. No worry about whether or not I should have my morning cuppa, I just got up, dressed and had a peaceful cuppa and some toast. 

I had nothing to worry about because I knew I could do what was expected of me (by me!) today. I could run an easy pace 10k and coach someone round it. And because I wasn’t racing I knew there’d be no post race ‘I should have’ to deal with. 

As it was, I had a fabulous time. I can honestly say it was the most enjoyable race I have ever done. I was able to look around and enjoy the view from the bridge, the prettiness of the parks (Southampton is lucky to have truly beautiful city centre parks) and chat to people. 

The lovely lady I ran with did a brilliant job and ran further without walking than she has ever done. She pushed herself but finished with a sprint (I struggled to stay with her!) and a smile. 

And me, I had fun. And I managed to leg it back to the start to shout the Hedgies  and the Husband on their way! 

What about you? How was your race? 


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