Tick Tock 

The youngest is grouchy and unsettled.. She is teething and had her lunchtime nap at 4pm so bedtime has not gone to my usual military schedule!

Whilst sitting in the dark settling her (unusual in itself as she hates being cuddled to sleep) I’ve just had an ‘Oh Shit!’ Moment…

My first Tri is 2 weeks away. My Tri suit doesn’t fit – it was never going to be flattering but it’s WAAAY too Little Britain-esque to venture out in – and I might have the replacement by the Friday before the race… That blows any chance of trying it in the pool, on the bike & on a run, clean out of the water! 

On top of that, I still can’t run 5km without walking, never mind doing it after a swim and a ride.. 

My swim time is the same (slow time) whether I do ‘old lady’ breast stroke or ‘could easily be drowning’ front crawl.. 

The bike, bizarrely, is where I feel most confident at the moment. Not that I’ll be quick, I won’t, there are some bastard hills on the route and, as with when I’m running, I simply can’t do hills… On the upside, my ‘spare weight’ means I pick up a fair pace down hill! 

And tomorrow is the last coached swim session before T-Day… 

Two weeks out and I’m honestly sceptical how much improvement I can expect to see between now and race day..

I’m undertrained and I’m far from being as fit as I’d hoped I would be. But I’ve learnt loads since Christmas when I couldn’t swim a single length of crawl. I’ve learned how to get more from my gears than I could a couple of weeks ago and I know that, if needs be, I can walk 5km!!

There’s a very real possibility I could come dead last, something I’ve always feared. But, if I do, I’ll still get to call myself a ‘Triathlete’ and next time I’ll just have to do better!!

Strangely I’m looking forward to it… 


3 thoughts on “Tick Tock ”

  1. This mirrors exactly my position with my first triathlon on Sunday 3rd. Feel woefully under rehearsed but tbh don’t think I would ever feel ready. I am trying to focus on the fact that just being there is enough. You get to call yourself Triathlete at the end. Go well. X


  2. Ahh good luck! Though you may not be as prepared as you like, you can learn a lot from it and then feel confident going into your next one (I’m assuming you’ll be doing more?) and you’ll look back at this one in a few months and see how far you’ve come. You’re far braver than me! Tri’s absolutely terrify me.
    Just do your best and I’m sure you’ll be fine!


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