Born slippy

and slidey.. And just generally clumsy! The first ‘romantic’ gesture from the Husband was a jokey email of a customised ‘Little Miss’. Mine being Little Miss Accident Prone! Even in the early days he knew me so well!

I blame my Dad.. Partly because he’s not on Twitter or Facebook and therefore unlikely to read this, rendering him unable to defend himself! And partly because he’s a lefty.. But not a true lefty, one of those ambidextrous types!

How does this make me clumsy? Whilst I’m not actually ambidextrous, I do have a lot of lefty tendencies and that’s what (I am convinced) makes me clumsy! After all we live in a right handed world!

Examples of my leftiness can be found everywhere.. I put the milk away backwards – Phil can never fathom how it’s even possible to put a four pint bottle away so that the handle isn’t on the right! Just generally ‘getting on with stuff’ finds me struggling as I can’t get my brain to send the right messages to my lefty hands and feet! And as for things like DIY, bike locks or anything remotely ‘fiddly’ to secure.. Well. Not. A. Chance! 

As a figure skater my jumps and spins were the opposite to almost everyone else on the ice.. This made teaching me challenging as my coach was NOT a lefty! 

So what prompted this slightly left field post? A combination of a near miss stumble whilst running today and the hilarious vision of my eldest tumbling across the floor in Next a couple of days ago.. I probably shouldn’t find that particular mishap as funny as I do but it kind of sums things up! 

You see I fear this un-ambidextrous, not totally left or right handed clumsiness is inherited! Lily is a mini me! Standing still in the lounge she manages to fall over. Walking through Next a thud behind me catches my attention and I spin round to see what can only be described as an Indiana Jones style roll being demonstrated by her… Enquiries soon show this was the result of her tripping over the floor… A perfectly even floor free from even the tiniest hint of trip hazard! 😂

A couple of weeks ago, the two of us were running across a pub garden (there are many reasons this should not have been happening!) and she tripped.. I grabbed her to keep her upright only to then fall over her myself.. 😁

I fear that over the years the pair of us have many more mishaps ahead of us. But I’ll say it again. I blame my Dad!! 

Sorry Lily!! 😘

Are you clumsy? Or are you a lefty / slightly under developed lefty struggling ina right handed world? 


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