Just not feeling it…..

So, here’s the thing.. Usually I’m slightly in mourning for the death of my social life post children. 

Tonight however, we headed to the pub straight from work and, what started as a nice couple of sociable drinks to start the long weekend, shifted.. 

This turned VERY quickly into the chance to make a night of it…. Yet I declined… What the HELL is wrong with me?!

I work with an awesome bunch of people and nights out are brilliant.. And we all know the unplanned ones are the best… So what happened?

The Husband went instead.. With my full blessing & encouragement (he does know the people I work with he wasn’t just randomly gate crashing!).. 

Faced with Husband home, no childcare issues and a four day weekend, I CHOSE to stay home… 

Believe me, nobody is more shocked than me!!


Cleats… Tomorrow at 8.A.bloody.M. I am heading off to recce the Tri race route… And it’s my first ride EVER with cleats… Turbo’ing in the kitchen doesn’t count.. 

Not quite as bad as the (equivalent to a ) 4am start for last weeks HM, but enough to make me question if all this sport is worth the detrimental impact to my (already very limited) social life!!!

Didn’t think I needed an added complication of a hangover! I fear the cleats are going to be trouble enough!

So, this is my promise… Next time the chance of an unexpected night out with my very good fun colleagues… I’m bloody there!!

 I’m not cross The Husband went – completely the opposite.. He was more than happy for me to go but jeez… Sport and kids are at the top of the tree when it comes to ‘Things that ruin you social life’!! 

Do you ever resent / question the sacrifices you make for your sport?

Would you have it any other way? 


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