Mummy’s Day Off

Yep, you read that right.. Today I had a day off.. I bought my Mum a spa day for 2 for her birthday and she kindly chose to share it with me ๐Ÿ˜Š

The Husband took the day off to cover small people duties and I set off for a day of relaxation with Mum at Norton Park

Obviously wanting to make the most of our time we got there as early as we could (just before 10) and booked in. With our treatments scheduled for 11.30 we had time for a decent gym session to start the day. 

* the gym session resulted in a lightbulb moment which is a post of its own)*

Not wishing to tire my legs ahead of Sunday’s HM (for which I am HOPELESSLY underprepared!), I opted for strength and core.. 

Oh. My. God! I knew I’d find it tough not having done much (any) strength work over the last year but ouch!! I dread to imagine if I’ll even be able to lift my hairdryer in the morning (but thankfully I’m booked for a haircut so someone else will be dealing with that particular issue!). And I suspect laughing will hurt a tad.. I knew my core was weak (almost 2 years) post babies but… Ooooooff!! 

Workout done, we donned our robes and slippers and shuffled off for our massages. Michelle was my therapist and! I’m perpetually tense in my shoulders and Michelle got properly stuck in. At points it brought tears to my eyes but it certainly released some tension!


This was followed up by a lovely chill in the Relaxation Room… Don’t tell Mum I’ve shared this pic! ๐Ÿ˜œ


Then lunch… And fizz (after all, it was Mums birthday treat!).



Nails.. Jessica Geleration Notorious was the closest they had to my all time fave OPI Lincoln Park After Dark..


And then, relax… (After 20 lengths of the pool)   

And the perfect end to a relaxing day.. 

I purchased the spa day through an Amazon Local deal and, if you’ve never visited, I’d highly recommend it. The staff were lovely, facilities perfectly adequate (as with all hotels the gym was a little limited but did the job) and the food was fabulous. 

And day two of the Chocolate Challenge?  All good!!


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