My Chocolate Free Challenge

Inspired by a friend who ditched chocolate for Lent and has already lost lots of inches, I’ve decided to give it a go. 

Anyone who knows me knows I LUUURVE chocolate.. My favourite is plain old Galaxy but to be honest I would rarely reject any variety. 

Yesterday I scoffed the remaining Jaffa Cakes, plus a rogue Freddo to reduce temptation. And today… Well, I haven’t actually told anyone I’m ditching chocolate* but I’ve successfully avoided it. 

My aim is to cut it out until my Tri… It’s not quite as long from now to then as the Lent period but it’s not far off. 

So there it is.. Day one – no chocolate. How was it? Not too bad actually, and I even resisted a chocolate chip biscuit when it was right in front of me. 

* My challenge = my rules. I am going to allow myself a G&B hot chocolate on alternate evenings but that’s it.. I’ll let you know how I’m doing! 


2 thoughts on “My Chocolate Free Challenge”

  1. Oooh sounds tough. Not to rub it in but I literally couldn’t stop myself buying the Galaxy Salted Caramel bar I saw at Tesco (apparently limited edition!?)…I mean OMG!! I’ve put in the fridge but I doubt it will last long… I don’t think I need chocolate every day but I do like some every now and again. Well saying that I do have a hot chocolate every evening! I try and be restrained and have Lindt dark chocolate (with sea salt mmmm) which you just can’t eat a lot of but then I’ll buy some Cadbury’s and the gloves are off. Especially the Marvelous range.
    Good luck and stay strong!!!


    1. I must confess I am a bit of a purist and don’t like my Galaxy messed with… However, that does sound good!!
      I used to love M&S dark chocolate with Chilli and that really reduced my consumption as its so strong.. Sadly they don’t make it anymore! 😒 I’ve tried other brands but they’re just not the same..
      Thanks for your encouragement.. I’ll return the favour if you ever feel the need to ditch apples or cake! πŸ˜‚πŸπŸ°


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