“I want to join Facebook”


“Errrm, I’m not sure I want Mum on Facebook” I whispered to my younger brother on Mothers Day.

Mum had been having a few IT issues and as a die-hard iPhone user I’d kindly nominated my bro to sort them out. As a die-hard Android fan he was less than impressed with Mum’s choice of a Windows phone… ‘sorting’ the issues was giving him issues!

Once he’d successfully sorted out her email and Whatsapp, Mum dropped the F-Bomb and disappeared into the kitchen…. Facebook??? What the hell does my Mother need Facebook for?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the benefits of FB and use it a fair bit…. But , really?? MY MUM?! I can’t say my brother looked best pleased either but he’s not a big user so it’s less of an issue for him..

Next she’ll be reading this blog and asking me all sorts of uncomfortable questions…. My blog, whilst obviously not remotely private, is mine. It’s where I vent, rant, wonder and ponder. It’s not meant to be there as a topic of conversation with Mum.

How can I rant about the kids, weather, housework, or fantasise about a large glass of wine on a Monday night (yes Mum, I sometimes (?) drink wine on a Monday!) when there’s a chance that every single comment will come back to haunt me?

You see, for me (and probably lots of other Mums of young children) Facebook is a pseudo-social life. It’s where we get social interaction in between the relentless demands of family, work and chores. It’s where, at the end of a long and exhausting day, I can socialise with friends from the comfort of my own sofa whilst slobbing out in my PJ’s. It’s company for me once the Husband has fallen asleep (again) all of 5 minutes after sitting down.

Apart from the usual parent comments about fashion (going round in circles, nothing new yada yada yada), how young her GP is (“How can she possibly know what she’s talking about?” – Errr, 7+ years in med school?) and the like, I honestly think this is the first time Mum has done something that’s really made me cringe….

How about your parents? What have they done that makes you a little uncomfortable? Is it acceptable to decline a friend request from a parent????!! 😉



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