Back on it

Whoop!! A full week back training!

As of Saturday before last I still felt ropey so I was unsure. However, deciding to dose up with paracetamol and give it a go, I figured I couldn’t end up feel any worse than I already was.

Never had a I anticipated waking up and actually feeling better (though admittedly not sounding it!). Game on!

Hotfooting it to the pool I was anxious but relieved to actually feel that I might be on for a half decent workout finally!

The swim session was mostly drills and I was pleased to find that, although I have a looooong way to go and have missed a few swims, I still feel more confident in the water than I did in December!

Next up was the ride.. Having learnt lessons from hideous changing experiences in previous weeks, I was liberal with the post swim talc making my poor sun deprived legs even pastier!

Not a great look but at least I got my kit on without pulling a muscle!

Having swapped (or bottled out) from Group 2 to Group 1 on account of my recent lack of activity, I headed out with this lovely bunch of ladies…

Since then, I have managed two more swims and three runs. And do you know what? It’s all feeling OK..

With just under 7 weeks to the Mayday Tri, I won’t be setting any records but I will be finishing….. eventually!

P.S. After drafting this I unearthed my training diary. I was shocked to see it was actually just over an entire month that I had been too ill to train. Apparently you don’t have to be having fun for time to fly by!

P.P.S. Since my last ride I’ve become the proud owner of ‘Kamikaze Clippy In’ cycling shoes… I’m guessing a post about falling off will be coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Back on it”

  1. Slightly similar story to your wet suit situation, I had just had a hard run and had my shower and then attempted to put my super duper compression socks on after getting dry. I got the WORST cramp known to man as I struggled with one leg as my leg was still slightly damp I guess. It was horrendous and I screamed the house down, to which Ben found very amusing.
    Glad you’re better!


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