Exhausted – and getting nowhere fast!

My Twitter followers will have seen that I ran on Sunday… Yep, after weeks of feeling, frankly, like poo… I ran.. I was at a point in my cold where I honestly felt a little run would probably be the right thing to see the remainder of the lurgy off…. Errr, no!

Two miles! That was it. No joke. From Half Marathon training to a whole two miles in the blink of a sneeze induced watery eye! And do you know what? About an hour later I was aching. Not in that post run, feel the burn kind of way. Oh No! In that, hit by a train feeling like poo again kind of way.

Sure enough, by Monday I was back to the high temperature, aching state I’d been in for the previous 3 weeks… But this time with the added bonus of swollen tonsils! Cue popping more pills and more trying to carry on as normal. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are many people out there suffering FAR worse health issues than I could imagine but I truly am craving feeling healthy again. A phone call to the Drs clarified one thing… Yes, sinusitis, tonsillitis, cold, flu, aching etc is rubbish but there’s nothing they can do so, if you don’t mind, please (wo)man up and don’t trouble us again!

The trouble is, I think that’s part of the problem! When I struggled in from work & a play date at 7.30pm I felt totally and utterly drained and in all honesty on the verge of tears. I was completely DONE IN! I’ve done all my (wo)manning up and honestly don’t think I have any left!

Yes the kids were bathed and in (borrowed) pyjamas ready to be deposited in their respective beds but despite feeling like all I wanted to do was crawl in with one of them and sleep for a week, I knew it simply wasn’t an option. And it hasn’t really been an option in all the weeks I’ve been unwell. Again, I know I’m not special and this is the way it is for most, if not all, Mums but man alive…. I would actually consider extreme measures just to get a decent spell of rest!



Why oh why won’t the fairies do the washing, shopping (tbf the ‘big’ shop was done by the Husband at the weekend but the house is devoid of fruit or veg!), sort the school snack bag (i.e. empty, clean and refill), deal with the plethora of letters that come home from school everyday, do the homework (we are being chased for unreturned homework for a Year R child!), tidy the house, put away the dry washing, do the filing, collect and wash the trail of plastic drinks receptacles that are dotted about the house (WHY can’t they just have one each?!)… just the endless, dull, minutiae of family life that is quite honestly relentless… And YES I am moaning!


Homework in progress
Homework in progress


I’m lucky that the Husband enjoys cooking but he works in London so is rarely home before 7.45pm.. In consideration of his equally long day I ‘try’ and at least get dinner started before he gets home but with varying, usually child related, success. Generally though, we are eating close to 9pm at which point I’d honestly rather just go to sleep!

And of course, he’s off at the crack of a sparrow’s fart every day which means that Sgt Major Mummy / Screaming Fishwife has to kick in just to get us out the door somewhere close to on time. Most days that’s a feat in itself but with early onset terrible 2’s it’s all played out to an earsplitting soundtrack of toddler tantrums and the Year R’r telling tales!

Of course all of this is much easier to deal with when you feel fit and well so I am praying, every night, that tomorrow I’ll feel better… Apart from anything else, I’m getting bored of writing about being unwell and hard done by!


2 thoughts on “Exhausted – and getting nowhere fast!”

  1. Sounds really rough 😦 Hope you feel better soon. I honestly don’t know how you cope. I know I say this all the time, but I seriously mean it. I know what a wet blanket I am when I’m ill!
    I always find that when you have a fluey sort of illness, exercise doesn’t help (liquids, warm duvet and nonstop TV helps) but with a cold or something like that a good run can help clear the airways. Don’t worry abotu your half though – it’s Southampton right? You still have loads of time, so panic not!


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