On a lighter note, a few random thoughts that have fluttered through my consciousness the last few days:

What is the capacity of the average human sinus? (Dr Google returned no definitive answer in case you’re interested) 😷

What’s the plural of Giraffe? It’s a word that sounds like the plural and singular should be the same. Haven’t googled it yet! 

Why isn’t there a giraffe emoji?!

Why can’t I isolate my car alarm so it’s just off?

Did I really used to run my car on Β£40 of petrol a month? (That dates me somewhat!)

The fashion mags (actually blogs) are full of leather dresses… Will I even be brave enough to wear the leather skirt I have in the wardrobe?

Why did I put that pussy bow blouse in the charity bag last month?

How the hell does this work? (Whilst looking confusedly at a turbo…) 🚴

Is red wine & kettle chips a balanced meal? 🍷

Lady, that’s a teeny tiny car you’re attempting to park! 

Dakota what’s her name… Tbh I wanted to smack her and not in a saucy way.. Jeez she was irritating!! 😁

The lights are green goddamnit!!

Who first tried sour milk and decided, actually if you chuck in some fruit & call it yoghurt that’s not too bad?

Similar ^^^ for mouldy cheese…

When will it become physically impossible to break the prevailing world record in sports like the 100m sprint? 

Imagine being that record holder!

Where’s the hash key on my Mac?

There have been many other random thoughts… I might start to note a few down and share them periodically. 

Feel free to share your random thoughts… If only to reassure me I’m not the only one who’s a bit barmy! 😜


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