Stressed out!

This is going to be a fairly ranty post as it’s been one of ‘those’ days.

It started badly with eldest mini-me appearing waaaay too early complaining that her ears hurt. In true earth mummy style (😁) she was dosed with Tixylix & Calpol and packed off to school…

But not before the mother of all stressful mornings. 

Running late due to sick child = attempting (& failing) to ‘do’ my hair whilst simultaneously assisting eldest (by now under the full influence of Calpol) to complete her 100 number square, shovel a Weetabix, Shreddies & Rice Krispie combo into two hungry girls, battle the one year old who insisted she could use an open cup independently, chase said one year old around trying to get her dressed, packing three dozen bags, getting dressed and (miraculously) leaving the house sort of on schedule. 

While I was doing that… The children were helpfully leaving a trail of books, dolls, slippers & goodness knows what else through the house! 

^ that was just upstairs.. Downstairs, well!!! Oh how I was looking forward to getting home from work to face that lot!

After dropping the youngest off, the eldest informed me that once she was at school I could have a ‘nice relaxing day at work’!

To be fair she has a point, arriving at work is the point in the day that life gets a lot less crazy.. I can’t lie, I often arrive at work feeling like I’ve done a full day already! 

It was a busy day and before I knew it, it was gone 1.30pm.. Having run out of nappies this morning I used my lunch time to whizz out for more.. As I headed back to the car a VM came through from the school.. The eldest was ill and they thought it best I pick her up. 

For various logistical reasons I couldn’t just drop her to the childminder & go back to work. Far from ideal though it was, she had to come back to work with me. Poor baby, running a temp and clearly needing to be under a duvet she was, instead, watching me put a PowerPoint presentation together! 

Work were (once again!) understanding but it’s just not right. She shouldn’t be there. This is the kind of time when working FT really strikes guilt into me. What she wants is me to snuggle up on the sofa and cuddle her but I can’t. 

And so it was that she ended up asleep on a friend’s sofa while I tried to make alternative arrangements for the rest of the week in case she wasn’t able to go back to school, attempted to contact the GP (and failed!) and managed to clear some of my more pressing work. 

Oh, and I finally managed to have some breakfast/lunch… 3pm is normal yeah? 

Arriving home was… Stressful! Sensing Lily wasn’t well and I was struggling to hold on to my sanity, Flo played up horrifically.. Bedtime ran late, there are piles of clothes still to be put away, and everyone cried at bedtime! 

Why is it that when you’re at a low ebb the small ones decide to really test the boundaries? 

Right now I would give my right arm to be able to get up, shower in peace and head off to work only having to remember my laptop, work bag & train pass… 😉

These are the days I most need to run, swim, whatever and I have to say, I am spending a lot of time clenching my teeth and counting to 10 to try and stop myself going nuts at the mo… I NEED this lurgy to do one… I NEED to run!! 

So there it is, I said it would be a rant!! To be honest, mostly things trot along nicely but there’s no flexibility in my life for curve balls like illness. I continue to pray that I’ll wake up feeling well but, in all honesty my immune system is struggling and days like these don’t help!!

How do you juggle kids & work when things go off plan? 

Who is the multi tasker in your house? 


4 thoughts on “Stressed out!”

  1. Commiserations but we’ll done for taking the time to record the day. One day you will look back and remember those days with young children when it is all too hectic. I don’t have any tips other than to hang in there. What keeps me going (mine are slightly older than yours) is that all this is excellent time management training. Like exercising wearing weights. It feels tougher but the demands you are making of yourself mean you will be tougher at the end. Also carve some time out for yourself if you possibly can.

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  2. You’re actually Super Woman. How would you not be with surviving through this all!??! You put my stressful days into perspective.
    Having kids sounds like the SCARIEST thing possible to me. I live with a husband who can barely cook scrambled eggs, has to ask me how to turn the washing machine on every single time and will walk past an overflowing bin – how will we cope!? Or better still – how will *I* cope!?


    1. Haha… Thanks. Not superwoman, just an average mum who happened to need to rant a bit!
      You’d be fine, you’re already fab at shoehorning lots into your day… It’s just the activities that change..
      Ben sounds similar to Phil tbh, whenever I go between rooms or upstairs I end up taking things with me so eventually they end up in the right place… Whereas Phil will happily walk past stuff a hundred times whilst promising to ‘Do it later’ 😜


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