Another week bites the dust….

** Spoiler Alert**

If you’re bored of hearing how rubbish this lurgy is…. look away now!

Yes, it is still lingering on… and aside from actually having the energy to get dressed and go to work to cough and sneeze instead of languishing on the sofa, I’m actually not feeling much better! I don’t recall ever having suffered sinus and ear pain quite like this before. Coughs I always get and I attribute that squarely to my former self who used to be quite partial to a Marlboro or 20!

As a result of the festering germs, this weeks Tri training update goes something like this…..

Nothing to report….

And the HM training…. ditto! In fact, I’m now so far behind my training plan I can’t even look at it without wanting to weep and may have to remove it from it’s position on the kitchen cupboard door until I am well enough to run again.

I have relegated my training diary from its position in my handbag to somewhere under the growing pile of crap on one of the coffee tables… I’ll go hunting for it once I’ve been surgically removed from the Kleenex Ultra Balm & Vicks Vapour Rub!

As for the rest of ‘life’ this last week. Well, that’s been less exciting than the inter family sneeze and cough competitions that have been going on! Reading various blogs and training vicariously through other peoples FB posts has been as good as it’s got.

On the upside, I am eagerly awaiting a loan turbo so that (once recovered) I can get some cycling in without leaving home. I have to say, that’ll be handy!

I hope you’re all fighting fit and training hard.

Now….where did I leave the Sinutabs??


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