Unnecessary and Inconvenient!

I may have (actually I know I have!) mentioned before but I am a lousy nurse and an even lousier sick person.

This post is coming from the comfort of my sofa. I am wearing my slobbiest clothes and am surrounded by tissues, drinks and the remote control. And I feel…. shocking.

Now, the point of this information is not to garner sympathy, really, it’s not. It is to set the scene… And also to allow me to reiterate that I find the common cold utterly unnecessary and completely inconvenient! It’s not even a proper illness, you can’t take anything to make it better, merely relieve the symptoms to some negligible extent whilst not even having the energy to reach for the remote and turn Jeremy sodding Kyle off!!! Worse still, I can’t even be bothered to eat a slice of malteser covered chocolate cake before the abstinence of Lent begins tomorrow….  

Chocolate cake... and I can't be bothered to cut myself a slice!
Chocolate cake… and I can’t be bothered to cut myself a slice!

What it has done though, is allow me to catch up on some of my blog reading. I’ve recently discovered a few blogs which I am shamelessly addicted to. Some are amusing, some informative and some inspirational.

All are a mix of all of the above. So I thought I’d share with you a few of my faves (this is NOT an exhaustive list of my current reading)…

Great sources of style tips and fashion inspiration for the (ssshhh!) over 40’s! In my bid to rediscover my style after 5 years in the fashion wilderness dressing for snotty noses and soft play, these blogs – and similar others – have become my inspiration. Cheaper than glossy mags!!

Does my bum look 40 in this?
School Run Style
Fashion Mum of 40

Sporting blogs by people I know… These blogs give me an insight into people I know. Yes, I am nosey.. But actually, these blogs are inspirational too. And they make you remember that everyone has a ‘back story’ – usually they’re fascinating ones!

My Legs Ache
My 5km Challenge
And last but by absolutely no means least..
Anna the Apple

Blogs are a fabulous, cost effective (free!) source of ideas, information and inspiration and I am loving them right now.

What are your favourite blogs and why?


2 thoughts on “Unnecessary and Inconvenient!”

  1. Ahh you’re lovely. I need to write more about my training though and less waffling about cake eating though haha!
    On that subject…that must be a bad illness indeed if it stops you eating that delicious looking cake. Recover soon and strong!


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