Just a quickie!

This week the tri training update couldn’t be shorter!

The girls have over shared their germs and, other than a swim session, training has been non existent!

The good news though, is that the first attempt at a structured training session saw me knock around 3 mins off my tri distance swim time…. I do think it might have been a little quicker had I not mistakenly turned up for lane swimming an hour early only for all lane swimmers to be confined to 1/4 of the pool whilst unsupervised kids played in the other 3/4 of the pool! This led to me getting stuck behind a couple of chatting dolly daydreams while I was completing the time trial… Although I’m not actually complaining as they may well have saved me from drowning!πŸ˜‚

*NOTE to self, lane swimming is 8-9.30 on Wednesdays… 7-9pm on Mondays!

However, I go this little record of the swim so all is far from lost!

Swimming time trial - 400 metres done!
Swimming time trial – 400 metres done!

And that, is the extent of the weeks training. As I type, I am curled up on the sofa awaiting the return of the girls from the Childminders. They’ve both had rotten colds and very unselfishly shared with Mummy & Daddy. No running over the last week and, based on my current state of health, none looking likely for the next few days. I’ve even succumbed to my first sick day for over 5 years!😷

It is not without a hint of panic that I have just realised the first HM (Hampton Court Palace HM) is in 6 weeks and my training plan has NO space for illness and skipped sessions.

6 weeks…. uh oh!😱


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