Stepping it up a gear

With Christmas well and truly behind us and the (marginally) lighter evenings creeping in, I have been ramping up the training. Now, before you go expecting amazing things, this is ramping up a la Liz!

But before I go there…. Lets explore this…


This week I had the always exciting arrival of a box from Wiggle…

Excitement came from the anticipation of my very own swim training aids, the arrival of my very own bibbed cycling shorts to aid the girl/bike interface (!)….. and, not forgetting, the traditional Haribo.



I overcame my slight embarrassment of rocking up at the pool with my own pull buoy and kick board, and tried them out. Sadly I have had to stick with my leaky goggles for now as the replacements I ordered (seen in the above pic) are too shallow so my eyelashes brush the inside of the goggles every time I blink. Needless to say, ‘my eyelashes are too long for my goggles’ earned me some (probably deserved) stick from one of the guys from the Tri club!


I’ve tried on the cycling gear. What can I say? The inbuilt tena lady style padding is one way to achieve a supermodel-esque thigh gap! But, if it keeps me comfortable then all is good. Mr C did query my choice of shorts but I am optimistic the current Baltic temps will pass quickly and, in the meantime, I’ll continue to borrow his full length bike tights!

And so, to training..

From nowhere I suddenly seem to have gained some focus. I’ve added a (relatively) regular swim into my training plan (once a week – twice when there’s a Sunday club swim) and already (two weeks in) I’m seeing the difference. That’s to say, I have progressed beyond thinking I will die before completing one length of crawl!

In all seriousness, my warm up is now the race distance (did I mention I upgraded from Novice to Sprint?!) and I’m almost up to race distance in crawl after a couple of sets of pull and kick drills. This, for a strong but slow and solely head above water swimmer, is epic progress!


As far as the cycling goes…. I’ve ridden once this year and will be tackling the second at the weekend. To be fair, it’s been tricky. I can’t (won’t) ride in the dark and, as I have two half marathons before the tri, I’ve prioritised my HM training plan. This may well prove to be an error but I am finding the shiny new speed machine SOOOO much easier and more fun to ride than the MTB that I am quietly (and probably falsely) confident!

Which just leaves the running. Touch wood, that’s going reasonably well. I’m keeping up with my training plan and, due to some poor route planning on my part, exceeding it at least once, often twice a week! I still need to find some more speed from somewhere but I’m hoping the combined impact of the swimming and cycling in addition to running will help.

How’s your training going? Are you sticking to a plan or going with the flow?


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