A Social Whirl

Before I start, this post is not trying to upset anyone! It’s about how I feel, not necessarily how things actually are!

This weekend, L has been party-tastic. One yesterday and two today. She is KNACKERED! It’s lovely to see her invited to lots of parties, after all, what parent (actually, probably just the Mum’s) doesn’t worry about whether or not their child is making friends as they make their way in Year R!

The downside (for me) is having to conquer my almost phobic fear of taking her to the parties…. and stay! Another Mum I am getting to know a little better knows exactly where I’m coming from on this. I honestly can’t wait until I can drop and run without feeling like I’m abandoning L!

What’s my problem? It’s actually, purely in my own head… At school, I was never ‘in’ with the cool kids. Mostly it didn’t bother me but sometimes it did. Now I’m back in the playground (admittedly only for about 3 minutes when, running late, I dash in, drop and run) those feelings of not quite feeling ‘part’ of it are back. It’s absolutely not helped by the fact that, FT work means I only do drop off which is when everyone’s in a hurry to get somewhere else. My childminder does pick up and, almost certainly, knows the other mums WAAAY better than I do.

So, in a bid to ensure my first born develops better social skills than me (I’m honestly very sociable I just really struggle in situations where I don’t know people and they obviously know each other!)I’m taking a deep breath and attempting to MTFU and deal with it!

Wish me luck!

I’d love to hear what social situations fill you with dread and how you deal with them!


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