Desperately Seeking…

A vacancy has arisen. I am currently seeking a mentor!

A friend recommended that I find myself a mentor to help me achieve my goals (she’s nuts – read her blog here as proof!).

Aaaanyhoooo, apparently a mentor helps you achieve, doesn’t accept excuses, supports & offers advice… And doesn’t necessarily need to know they are your mentor (that bit sounds a bit weird/stalkerish to me though – no offence Emma 😘)..

I have a few ‘issues’ with this though.

1) First & foremost I’m a mum, then I’m a wife, full time employee, homeowner and ‘normal’ person (i.e. I’m not, nor will I ever be, an actual serious athlete). This means I have responsibilities and training has to fit around these. This includes my work, The Husbands commute, kids various social / educational engagements, cleaning, shopping, washing, tidying…. Bla bla bla…. So what might sound like ‘excuses’ are often actually dull facts of life that just have to be done.
2) I don’t really ask for help (advice yes but that’s VERY different)…. Pretty much ever… I hate to think I’m a burden or drain on someone or am taking help I can’t repay somehow.
3) ….. Actually, I think the above pretty much covers it.

So I’m looking for a mentor to achieve certain sports and personal goals.. It involves working with the person I’ve described above. Requires the successful applicant to appreciate the aforementioned demands and not expect me to prioritise my training above those demands whilst having a ready supply of tissues for those ‘I can’t do this’ sobbing meltdowns. Oh, and I can’t pay!!

Anyone fancy it?!!! 😁


3 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking…”

  1. I’m not a stalker, honest! My mentors probably know who they are, they have just never formally been given the job so can be sacked at any time – hahaha! I pretty much use anyone who inspires me but have a select few that I really trust to give me advice when I’m really struggling (which does mean asking for help but pick the right ones and they will know when to just say MTFU or actually give constructive support). The beauty of the way I believe this kind of system works is I can never repay them like for like so I look at it as a pay it forward type of payment….they help me, I help someone else, they help someone else and somehow that gets back to someone giving my mentors the support they need albeit not directly from me.


  2. Maybe you just need two of you?? One to do the daily tasks and the other to do the training 😉 On a serious note I think a mentor would be great – help you keep on track of your goals and provide you with lots of support. Good luck in your hunt!


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