A fine line…

What’s the difference between a ‘fine line’ and a full blown wrinkle? I ask because, this week I needed to replenish my moisturiser and having read a few rave reviews of various products, set about a bit of research.

I came to the conclusion that there should be a beauty equivalent of a tyre tread gauge type thingy! One woman’s fine line could be another’s deep wrinkle!


I’ve always been fairly choosy about skincare although changing budgets over recent years have influenced my choices!

BC my absolute product of choice was Decleor. Specifically the Hydra Floral really suited my skin.


More recently, I’ve had to become a bit of a beauty whore, chasing good deals for less pricey products.

I got this as a freebie when I bought some fake tan products last summer. But it doesn’t feel particularly effective. I think maybe it’s because it’s a gel.


Generally I stick to good old Nivea. Feels nice to use & doesn’t cost the earth.


Seduced by amazing reviews, and hurtling towards my 40th last autumn, I gave Boots Protect & Perfect serum a go.


I used both the face & eye products regularly but have to say, I don’t think they lived up to the reviews.

As mentioned at the start, my research took me to some rave reviews about Superfacialist. To be honest I’d never heard of it but there was an offer on and I’ve been saving my Boots Advantage points forever… So I’ve taken the plunge and invested my hard earned points in the moisturiser & serum (there was an amazing offer running).

Here’s hoping it lives up to the reviews! I’ll let you know in due course!

How do you choose skincare?
What’s your favourite brand?


2 thoughts on “A fine line…”

  1. Recently discovered Clarins. They often have good offers and freebies as well from the counter. Buying in bigger Boots means Advantage points too. Or Avene, a French brand. My skin has become much more sensitive since the children were born. Good luck with your search and keep up the blogging. Well done.


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