The old me…

A slow realisation has crystallised over the last few days. It’s been a long old haul, but I finally think I feel like the old me.

Small things have brought it home. Years of being pretty apathetic about so much, I’ve noticed way more enthusiasm recently. And it feels different to simply a New Year high.

I’ve started to learn how to live with my Chimp instead of battling against it…


I feel ready to shake off the eternal ‘mummy wardrobe’ and dress for me. Nothing drastic but just paying a bit more attention to how I put outfits together and to the smaller details.

I’m planning for the year – 2015 will see me achieve not just dream!



And I’ve treated myself to a lippy…. A girl needs a bit of colour!!


But the biggy is far more significant. And that’s how I feel… Feeling like I want to do the things I stopped doing AC (after children), that it’s OK to be me as well as Mummy and Mrs. And to actually feel like being me might actually be OK!!


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