Compromises and favours….

This week it’s really hit home how much my life is a round of compromise coupled with begging and returning favours (usually child related)!

Generous as ever, I have shared my germs. Sunday & Monday Flo was poorly and as a result, very out of sorts. There was no way I was going to work Monday!


Thankfully, as previously blogged, I work for an amazingly understanding company so the last minute change to my work plan wasn’t the problem it could have been.

Unfortunately, Flo was equally sharing with her germs leading to our Child minder being struck down the last couple of days… And that’s where the compromises and favours REALLY kicked in!

A dear friend came to the rescue Tuesday, changing her plans and having both girls for me – in addition to her two pre schoolers…. 😁 this was a favour of epic proportions and has obviously been rewarded with flowers, chocolate and wine!!

Further favours called in today saw me taking Flo to work to clear a couple of urgent things….


Followed by taking some work home to do later.

And the compromises? Well, you just can’t have it all… This week I have relocated my sunglasses case but in exchange my phone case has vanished… Not my phone though thankfully! I have discovered the pleasure of collecting my eldest from school (she’s been SO excited this week) whilst being reminded how utterly exhausting FT child care is. And so it goes on.. For every plate I spin, there’s another waiting to fall.

The great thing though, is that this time a year ago I wouldn’t have coped. This week? It’s frenetic, chaotic and relentless but it’s fun!!


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