And so it begins…

After a fab running streak in December, a short break and then a fabulous training run just over a week ago, I was struck down with my annual (ish) cold/cough.

Gutted doesn’t even cover it as I’d had a brilliant run, got home buzzing that I should be on for a good race at Stubbington and then, within hours, started feeling… Well, yuck!

An unfortunate legacy from my smoking days is that I ALWAYS get a bad chest if I get a cold. I’m more likely to struggle with that than have the full head of snot. And it hurts, like properly hurts..

This has meant 9 days of doing absolutely nothing over and above functioning through the day. And I’m fed up!

Fed up of feeling ropey, fed up of feeling unhealthy, just FED UP!

Today however, was the first swim coaching session of the year.. And marks the start of my triathlon training. I’m doing the Trytri novice distance on 4th May in Winchester.. That means I’ve decided today marks the end of feeling unwell, eating comfort foods and doing nothing. *I hope my body /mind is listening!*

The swim was tough, tougher than the last one. I really want to enjoy front crawl but it just hates me!! The one positive I’m taking is that during the entire session today, I actually did one full length of crawl without resorting to breaststroke! Yep..that’s as good as it gets. Well, that and that I didn’t give up!

The swim was followed by a ride, thankfully for my weakened body it was mostly car park gear & brake practice followed by a brief jaunt round Hedge End. Once I’ve remastered the gears I have to say I REALLY enjoy the bike.


Which means I just need to get my run on again… Maybe tomorrow I’ll try a gentle run to really test the lungs!

In the meantime I’m dying to get stuck into this….


Hopefully I’ll learn how to control my chimp in 2015!!

What are you training for?
How do you push through the ‘I can’t’ to actually do?
Any hot tips for mastering the swim?!


1 thought on “And so it begins…”

  1. Ahhh that sucks about being ill. Ben was ill for a good portion of the Christmas holidays and it’s just nasty. But you’ll get back on it soon. You won’t have lost too much at all really.
    Nice work on the swim. I marvel at all you swimmers as honestly I’m terrible. Ben gets very smug because he’s a fantastic swimmer having used to have done it at school as part of a team…
    I REALLY want to read that book. Let me know how it goes! I’ve heard great things about it and heard an interview with the author who just sounds brilliant.


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