Capsule Wardrobe – realistic to achieve or unachievable fantasy?

I love clothes. Okay, I grant you, that may not be immediately obvious just by looking at me, but I do. However, I tend to feel like I’m constantly seeking to achieve a style which is juuust out of reach… I know what I want but can’t quite seem to get it right.

There’s many reasons for this of course. I haven’t yet come to terms with my post babies figure, I need to balance style with the practical demands of young children and full time work, shopping is now largely an on line affair as kids & shops just don’t mix and of course, cash!

I’d describe my style as fairly classic. I’ve never been ‘on trend’ preferring styles that won’t date too much. And I like black… lots of black! I also love winter clothes. Jumpers, boots, thick tights, layers and scarves – love, love, love! I’m not too into labels, my Uggs and my Mulberry are probably my only two ‘big brand’ items and that’s because of the quality not the name. I adore good quality items, I almost always regret ‘bargains’ I’ve bought as a result of seeing other people looking amazing in Primani or similar!

And so it is that I have cupboards and drawers rammed full of clothes that just aren’t quite….. quite.

Of course I have a few bits and pieces that I love and wear repeatedly. Then there’s the items that I wouldn’t say I love, but are easy to wear, look ‘OK’ and have a short laundry cycle… they get worn a lot too. And then there’s the rest. Things I can’t quite recall the rationale for buying, things that were bought in a post baby hormonal haze (NEVER shop post baby!) or that haven’t been worn since BC (before children) but I can’t bear to part with and of course not forgetting the MISTAKES – cos there’s certainly a few of them.. Oh, and finally there’s running gear – lots of running gear!

Recently I’ve started reading a few fashion blogs to try and find my way – glossy mags showcasing items costing £000’s being an unrealistic source of information! I’d happily swap my current, bursting at the seams wardrobe for a capsule wardrobe of ‘perfect’ items. The question is… where to start? I have SO many questions about this theory…

How many items equals a capsule wardrobe?

What should be in the perfect capsule wardrobe?

Won’t I get bored of wearing the same 10 (number plucked arbitrarily from thin air!) items of neutral items in various combinations?

What about when things are in the wash?

How do I make it look current without looking old/mutton!?!

No doubt I’ll still be pondering these questions in years to come but if you have any hot tips, I’d love to hear them!

What do you think? Is it achievable to have a select selection of perfect for all occasions clothes? What are your fashion dilemmas?



1 thought on “Capsule Wardrobe – realistic to achieve or unachievable fantasy?”

  1. I wouldn’t have a clue. I tend to just buy clothes from high street shops like New Look and Oasis. And like you, I like blacks and simple ‘classic’ items. I’m never going to be one of those Top Ship style divas for sure. I avoid fashion blogs mainly because it just highlights how out of fashion I am haha!
    Ahh Mulberry…I luckily have a handbag mad mother who gives me her off-castes! So expensive, but so lovely.


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