Fear not, I’m not about to bang on about my long list of resolutions. I never really make any. I can never fathom why so many people make enormous commitments which effectively amount to changing their fundamental beings over night. Especially from January 1st… I’m sorry, but for me, New Years Day is a day ripe for curling up in the corner of a lovely cosy pub with a large red wine to chat and relax with friends. Of course with two young girls (aged 1 and 4) my overly romantic ideal is actually nothing short of sheer fantasy!

But, if I was a resolutionist, I’m not sure I could start on the 1st anyway. For me, it’s not truly new year until everything is ‘back to normal’ which includes the kids at school and me back to work… 5th January being the date in point this year.

What does appeal to me though is the sentiment behind resolutions. I actually believe the path with the greatest chance of success is to make small, regular, sustainable changes. Every day is a fresh chance to change things if you really want to. Why wait for next January, next week or next month. If you really want to improve yourself (after all that’s what most resolutions are actually seeking to achieve), just do it.

Did you make any resolutions?

What were they? Are they still going strong?


1 thought on “Resolutionists”

  1. Yep I’m with you on the revolution thing. My revolution (or I suppose goal would be a more fitting word) started in November when I decided to cut back on running and focus more on strength and other fitness things. I didn’t run at all in December and I’m wondering if I will in January but at the moment I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing at the gym. It’s nice to have a change!


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