And the Streak goes on……

I recently wrote about my intention to run every day through advent… which then (due to a competitive husband) turned into the full month. Well, here we are on day 19 and, happily, I’m still going strong.

I can’t lie – there have been days it would have been all too easy to miss a run. Not least the morning after my works Christmas party. A morning that saw me feeling extremely jaded and, according to mini me the 1st, “smelling like wine”…Oh, the shame!!! However, I was awake and we had a busy day ahead so there was little point in doing anything other than taking a spoonful of MTFU, putting on my trainers and heading out the door. Crikey, Moses that was a chilly couple of miles!!

Christmas shenanigans!
Christmas shenanigans!

Fitting in daily runs around a commuting husband, full time work, two young kids and the multiple, obligatory festive social occasions (plus laundry, shopping, wrapping, etc etc) has meant that a fair few have had to be my set minimum distance (initially that was going to be 1.5 miles but I’ve actually consistently done at least 2). However, I have also managed to throw in a few lengthier runs and in week two decided I would run 26.2 across the week… Which I am proud to say I achieved reasonably comfortably.

It’s fair to say that 26.2 over 7 days is nothing overly spectacular – I know LOTS of people who do that in one day, several times a year. And some crazy souls who combine that with mammoth swims and cycles – all on the same day! But for me, it’s at least double my weekly average (that’s based on a ‘good weeks’ running).  And it’s taught me a few things, namely:

  • Running every day leaves me utterly STARVING all day!
  • I feel stronger when I’m running – especially up hills.
  • I can run on tired legs, but I seem to be getting slower even though I feel I’m running faster :o(
Day one picture... More recently hitting 18:40 for the same route....
Day one picture… More recently hitting 18:40 for the same route….
  • I DO have time to run every day.
  • Somewhere in my psyche I actually have an ounce of determination / will power.
  • I will not be beaten by my competitive husband…. If he wants to quit he’ll have to do it first!
  • I am sleeping more soundly.
  • I don’t have enough kit.
  • Running makes me happier every day.
  • Washing, drying and straightening my hair every day is a royal PITA!

Have you tried an exercise streak, Sober for October, Dry January or anything similar?

What did it teach you about yourself?


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