No, no, no. I have not started running about the local area undressed.

What I have done, is committed to running a minimum of 1.5miles per day throughout December. Well, technically, it’s an advent (running) streak so only really goes to Christmas day but Mr C and I have decided to try for the whole month.

Obviously some days I’ll run further but on days when Mr C’s commute / work commitments will make doing more than 15 minutes pretty impossible, the 1.5 miles WILL be squeezed in somewhere.

At some point, I mentioned this to Mr C and he jumped, full speed, onto my bandwagon.

And so, there’s now a slightly competitive edge to the whole thing.. Miles are being tracked on the calendar (I’m well ahead at the moment) and this morning (yes, yes I KNOW it’s only day 3!) I felt really strong. This was despite running at 6am the morning after a tough intervals session last night.

I’ve read a bit about ‘junk miles’ and how streaks don’t necessarily equal good news for your running, but my plan is to run my usual runs at their usual pace / patterns but on my very short run days, I’ll be working on speed and pushing myself that way. Surely that has to be beneficial in the longer term?

On the upside, I have already fallen a little more in love with running again. The cold, quiet mornings are beautiful and I feel so energised it really sets me up for the day..

What do you think of running streaks? Is any run better than no run?

Do ‘junk miles’ really exist?

Who’ll finish the month ahead in miles- me or Mr C?


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