A New Love?

It feels a little odd, but I’m starting to feel like I’m being unfaithful… to running, that is!

Not so long ago I wrote about a kind of ‘bucket list’ of things I want to do between now and my next birthday. That list included a triathlon and part of that means I needed to tackle two things.. swimming and cycling. I can do both… but with varying degrees of competency!


With the help of a Cycle Scheme, I became the proud owner of this little beauty. Terrifying but beautiful! I mean really, I can lift this bike with two fingers and the tyres are narrower than my thumb! Is this really designed to carry a whole human, at speed, on roads?

Having now been out on the bike a few times I feel like I’m getting the hang of it.. Granted changing gear has resulted in me cycling straight into a bush, I struggle to brake, change gear, signal AND read traffic all at once and I was completely at sea on the recent bike maintenance evening I went to having to ask basics like the names of various parts of the bike! But, if you put all that aside, I think I might actually be OK at this cycling malarkey.

Just over a week ago, I headed out on the bike for an 8am ride with a couple of others from the Tri Club. Saying it was ‘wet’ would be an understatement. Within less than half a mile I could feel water running down the inside of my cycling tights and my feet were swimming in water inside my trainers. Did this put me off? Not on your nelly! 14 miles in an hour, including hurtling down a hill not far from here at an exhilarating (and scary) pace! Rain really stings at that speed!I bloody loved it!

In fact…. *whispers* I think I might like it a little more than running!

So I guess the next thing is to learn to swim and breathe at the same time!


1 thought on “A New Love?”

  1. Wow! Nice work! I do enjoy cycling but you never warm up quite as easily as you do when running do you? That’s my own annoyance. I will cycle more in summer I think just because of this and I’m worried about icy roads. But I loved it over the summer for definite. Such a lovely way to cross train.


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