Great South Run 2014 Part 2. The Emotions

My last post was about the race itself. My intention had been to follow up with exploring the emotions of the race. But to be honest, a couple of weeks on, I’ve lost the inclination to do that. What I have decided to do instead, is to explore impact of emotions on running… for me.

There’s no two ways about it, I’m an emotional animal. An emotional eater, an emotional drinker and, unsurprisingly, an emotional runner!

By that, I don’t mean that I burst into tears at the end of a race – I’ve actually never done that – rather that my emotions directly impact on my running… Just not always in the way I’d expect.

Usually running is a fantastic release for me. I use that solitude to clear my mind of ‘stuff’ or, as other Mums of young noisy children will appreciate, just to get some peace and quiet! Oh, the irony, looking forward to a 10 mile road race surrounded by approximately 25,000 other people to achieve some peace and quiet!

I do find it odd that I can’t rely on the impact a mood will have on any given run. I distinctly remember a run back in the Spring which was fuelled by pure anger. That run saw me do the fastest three consecutive miles I have EVER done. And yet I’ve had similar moods which saw me just be far too tense and angry to even get comfortable.

I’ve run at times of extreme sadness, glad of the rain to save me the humiliation of being a weird woman running along with tears streaming, when I’ve felt I could run forever. And runs when the sadness just seemed to make me feel too heavy to take another step.

And, of course I’ve had runs I started out happy and buzzing which I bounced through easily, feeling really quick… only to find they weren’t!

All of this makes me question… do my emotions really affect my running at all? Maybe each run, is just a run and actually it’s more about my hydration, fuelling, energy levels and mental attitude (but that’s for another post!) than my mood…

One thing I do know for sure, whatever the run, whatever the emotion, I find it almost impossible, on reflection, to pinpoint a run I truly regret doing….

And that’s good enough for me!

What about you? Does your mood affect your training?

How do you combat that?

Is there a difference between mood and mental attitude when it comes to performance?


1 thought on “Great South Run 2014 Part 2. The Emotions”

  1. I love running because it’s so primal. It’s just one foot in front of the other: endorphins, adrenaline and sweat. It’s a great way to escape from the madness of the world, but also a great place to have that time to think things through and get a perspective on things.
    I know when I’m injured I get really down as I miss running so much. It’s so much more than just exercise!


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