A little role reversal..

Last week saw a shift in the usual ‘way of things’ in our house. For the first time since having the girls I was off for a few days with work while Daddy played primary carer.


As I sneaked out of the house at a bit before 5.30am last Wednesday I had a little tear stinging my eyes, which I can’t lie, surprised me! I was going to miss my little princesses/divas!

So off to London I went for three days at MIPIM, a property marketplace exhibition. It was to be Evolution5’s first time as an exhibitor at this type of event and the organisation had been down to me.. A role I loved but in my past life I’d had the support of a professional marketing team so I was fearful of screwing up!

There were a few schoolgirl errors, but in the main all was good.


It was quite strange being away from the usual chaos of the mornings. For once it was me checking in at 8am to say Hi before school etc. and missing out on bedtime cuddles!

Fortunately for me, the girls were in good humour when I spoke to them each day and I was busy enough not to feel too down about being away from them.

Being away was fun, we worked hard and played hard. It was exhausting and took me back to the days BC! But I was certainly relieved when we were homeward bound on Friday afternoon.

It was brilliant surprising the girls when it was pickup time as they hadn’t expected me… But I can’t lie, I was hoping for slightly more enthusiasm from Flo when she saw me… Usually such a Mummy’s girl.. Clearly I was going to have to earn her trust again!!!

My timeout gave me a slightly different perspective on how things must be for Phil when he goes days without seeing them. Life at home has a steady rhythm and strict routine which, I guess is how I deal with ‘flying solo’ when he’s at work. Yet in just two days things changed with the girls. Flo abruptly dropped her bedtime milk which is weird, and Lily seems to have grown up loads!

The changes shook me slightly. As did how little they seemed to miss me! Life went on without me as I knew it would. Perhaps not quite how I’d have done things but nonetheless they cruised through!

So well done guys… I should have had more faith in Daddy’s ability to manage the girls… But I think he was pleased to see me even if the girls weren’t fussed!

And I certainly enjoyed a Sunday Snuggle with my favourite squeeze!



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