This week I had a mini meltdown.. I hadn’t run for over a week for various reasons. My back & neck have been sore, Phil gets home too late, the kids have kept us busy, my Mum’s been away reducing in week childcare, we’d been to a wedding and I’d been just plain lazy.. Whatever! The fact remains I hadn’t run and I was feeling the effects!

During said meltdown I acknowledged the only, realistic solution was to run early… And work harder on my other lifestyle habits that prevent me achieving my goals (wine & chocolate!).

Fast forward to Wednesday, alarm set, kit out, I was going to run early… The 5am alarm call came & went and I didn’t shift.. False start!

By the power of Twitter and the wonder of the super supportive Hedgies, I decided to try again today……

And………. Success! Out the door about 5.20am for a fairly brisk 2.77 miles. I need to plan a better route to round it up to 3 but I was out. To be honest it was perfect running weather for me. Nice and fresh, some might say chilly, the stars were bright but the birds were waking up. A beautiful time to be out. It was quiet so where the hedgerows were slightly overgrown I could run in the middle of the road and, I reckon it must be safer than running at night.. The only ‘weirdos’ out are runners!

Back home with time to spare for some much needed core work, pop the coffee on, quick exchange of pleasantries as Phil headed off to the station and a shower.. All before I’d usually be up!


I know I will always battle to balance my love of sleep with my need to run so I’m going to keep it low key for a while and just try to form an early morning habit.. I have no doubt the fellow #earlymorningrunclub Hedgies will offer virtual support & encouragement and it works with our home life pattern.. Win win!

Now just14 hours or so until bed!!


2 thoughts on “#earlymorningrunclub”

  1. It truly sucks when the alarm goes off so early, but I love that feeling when you’ve finished a run and it’s still so early! And you’re set for the rest of the day feeling smug and energised.
    For me it really helps to set out my gear ready and to have a route and distance in mind. It’s just going to get a lot harder when it’s so much colder outside though! 😦


  2. Well done, impressive stuff! I’ve still never managed an early run (well no earlier than 6.45!) and so I’m very impressed. I can’t run without 2 cups of coffee – don’t you feel dehydrated if you just get up & go?


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