If life gets crazy… De-Clutter!

Life has all gone a bit nuts. Work is mad busy for both Phil & I, the oldest mini-me has started school and the youngest is a walking/running destruction machine!


Thankfully I’m a reasonably organised person but recent chaos has meant the house has become a bit of a tip.. So last weekend we committed to tackling it.

The ‘lawns’ were mowed and after 4 years the en-suite was finished..

For me, one of the biggest things was that our living space had become overrun with toys and paperwork (a throwback to running my own business from home… I couldn’t use our study as that’s full of obsolete baby stuff waiting to be sold!)..

So after the eldest had knocked 2 minutes off her Junior parkrun time…


And whilst the youngest napped, I blitzed!

Burning my client records was quite a final thing and I was surprised it bothered me as I’m loving being back in employment. But I guess it’s another significant event marking the massive changes that have happened this last year..

It’s done now and I’m pleased to say the lounge is a much more relaxing place to be.

As ever with a house, there’s more to do, but at least it’s started! Funny how clearing the house can also help to clear the mind…

It’s not just running that’s therapy!

What helps you clear your mind and cope when life gets crazy?


1 thought on “If life gets crazy… De-Clutter!”

  1. I LOVE a good clear out. Clearing out clothes, or books, or just random tat that hangs around. I’m not a sentimental person so I try not to hang on to too much stuff. And you get that glow when you can give stuff to charity too.
    Ben is a nightmare though. I love things tidy and neat but he will just leave his male paraphernalia everywhere – apparently because it’s still being used or about to be used! Drives me MAD.


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