At last….. a long run!

Still smiling at the end....
Still smiling at the end….

I say at last as just yesterday I was talking abut the demotivating influence of the heat! However, last weekend I made it out for (by my recent standards) a long run. Hooray!

Many of my club mates are training for the Bournemouth Marathon and I am in total awe at their commitment and ability. After a significant hiatus from long runs, I joined some of them last weekend as they set off for 17 miles. I, and three other ladies, were joining them for the first part of their run and then heading back around the 4-5 miles mark.

Thankfully, it was a cooler day than of late and there was even a decent breeze – happy days ;o)

Once I settled in – something which takes me around 2-3 miles these days – I felt really comfortable and found myself effortlessly catching up with the lead group. My legs felt strong and, at the 5 mile turnaround point, we got into a debate about whether or not to continue. The last long run I did was 12 miles and we were heading along the same route which meant we ‘could’ take advantage of all feeling strong and go a bit further. We’d still leave the others while they headed off to do their additional 5 mile loop but would be sticking with them a little further..

I was seriously tempted but having only come out to do 9-10 miles I hadn’t brought water or money to buy any. Plus it was starting to look like the sun might break through the clouds which would cause the temperature to rocket. We made the sensible decision to head back the way we had come after all, two miles is not an inconsiderable distance to add on a whim!

The run back was fairly hilly and we took it fairly easy, using intervals to get us up the hills and detouring through Telegraph Woods for a bit of shade and softer ground.

As I split from the others at Dowd’s Farm Park to head home I felt stronger than I have for ages. I ran the hill faster than I had in last weeks’ interval training session and pushed as hard as I could the rest of the way home. Sadly, I’ve been messing with my Garmin settings so, instead of having a record of each miles’ times I only had the total…. Quite irritating as I feel it was a reasonably quick last mile!

I really enjoyed the run and it’s left me feeling like I want to go again which is something that hasn’t happened for a while! I think perhaps taking a bit of a break, and not having any races lined up until October, has worked well for me. It’s removed (self-inflicted) pressure and I’ve proved I can still do a respectable distance.

In the meantime, I will continue to ponder the latest challenge posed to me… to try a tri or not to try a tri?



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