Seeking Style & Substance?

I’ve been quiet on the running front recently and there’s a good reason for this…. I haven’t really been running all that much.

I know we shouldn’t complain about this weather but I am absolutely, completely NOT a summer runner. The truth is, I just don’t cope with the heat. No matter what I do, I can’t get the hydration right, I feel sick and shaky five minutes into a run, I can’t breathe (and have had a few panic attacks as a result), the legs won’t turn over and I struggle even more than usual with the mental strength needed for a good run. When I’ve made it to club nights (always interval night as I feel it’s the one that I get the most out of), I’ve found it ridiculously tough. Last week I sat out more than I ran!

I find this SO frustrating that it just makes me not want to even bother.

Added to this, I really could do with some shorts as just getting into the capris is a struggle in this heat! I find it a real pain buying new kit and I’ve got some really old favourites that, even when I buy new, I end up falling back on. Some items are pushing 10 years old! It’s rare to find shorts that don’t ride up in the leg, result in ‘chub rub’ or aren’t too low cut in the waist…  Having had two rather large babies I have some definite requirements in that respect in particular! The last pair I bought irritated me so much by riding up or slipping down in the three runs I wore them that I sold them (better than adding them to the quite large, never to be worn for running pile!).

Recently, a fellow club mate reviewed some kit on her blog and it all looked great. It’s good to see that manufacturers are finally making tops that don’t fit like a second skin and are a decent length (nobody needs me to flash my midriff!). Another friend has also been topping up her running kit post baby and has some gorgeous new items and other ladies from the club have been sporting some funky new kit. You see, in running as in life, us girls like to look good (or, in my case, as good as I can!)..

And so, as it’s pay day, I may permit myself a little online browse later… the temp has dropped marginally and maybe some pretty new kit will help me relocate my mojo!

How do you cope with training in the heat?

What are your recommendations for fit kit?

Does feeling good about how you look help your workout?


4 thoughts on “Seeking Style & Substance?”

  1. Liz I completely feel your pain about running in the heat 😦 I have been struggling so much the last few weeks, my legs feel like lead and I also had one run last week where I was trying some intervals and I literally could not get the breath into me, was beginning to think there was something wrong with me so I’m glad to hear its not just me! I wait until its almost dark and hopefully a bit cooler to go out but still its really hard. I spend ridiculous amounts of time looking at weather forecasts hoping that the weather cools down a bit soon. I’m just not designed for hot weather. As they say “You can take the girl out of Scotland……”

    As for running kit I’m afraid I’m no use as I wear the same pair of capris and switch between my two fav t shirts all the time. I must say the capris I have are adidas ones and they do come up nice and high and hold in my big wobbly “mum tum” fairly well. 🙂


    1. I’m not Scottish Isla but I’m with you! Maybe it’s because I was a winter baby?

      I ordered some shorts last night so lets see if they’re any better than previous attempts… I’ll let you know if they can tame the tum!


  2. Ahh you’re not going to like my comment, but I get around the heat by waking up at 5.10am to be running by about 5.50am. It’s not pretty but it is a hell of a lot cooler! I do feel a bit like a cheat though in escaping the worst of the weather and then hearing about all the hardcore troopers running in the heat on Facebook… I’m not too bad running in the heat (Ben is worse, he absolutely hates it) but I just tend to take a small bottle with me and bare in mind my pace will be worse, and in races always dump a water on my head. It’s lovely!


    1. Haha… I’m not necessarily against the idea of an early morning run but I’d need to be back by 6am as Phil leaves so early! The problem I have is that I’m rubbish at going to bed early enough to allow such an early start. I love the idea of having my run over and done with whilst the rest of the world sleeps!


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