Let it go, Let it goooooooo (Sung ‘Elsa’ stylee!)…

The start of this week was a real emotional roller coaster that saw my lovely Lily leave her pre-school.

I’ve been dreading this day for weeks. Even thinking about it makes me stupidly emotional and yet I know that she’s ready for school and will continue to thrive.

As expected I cried… a LOT! I cried getting ready in the morning, I cried when we arrived at pre-school, I cried as I sat down ready to watch the presentation… and then I continued to cry whilst each key worker read out the beautiful poems they had written for each of their key children. Not content with that tear fest, I cried a bit more when we had to say goodbye to Barbara..

I did, however, giggle a bit as the pre-school staff all danced and sang ‘Let it go’ from Frozen! Not that you weren’t brilliant ladies!!

When I got into work I did my best to repair the damage to my make up and get down to the day’s work but, in all honesty, the whole day was a struggle.. I was emotionally drained!

Chatting about the presentation with the other Mummy’s in the office, it soon became reassuringly clear that I’m not alone in having completely lost grip of my emotions since having kids!

Why does nobody tell you, BC*, that once you’re a Mum, current affairs, soaps, ads featuring kids or puppies, blogs, cuddles and any other mundane part of life, is very, VERY likely to trigger a tearful outburst!

Don’t get me wrong, I know this was a big day for her and I was far from the only emotional wreck in the hall. But, the fact is, I am NOT a crier… Never have been, but these days! Jeez!

So, a question to the others Mummy’s out there… What’s the most ridiculous thing that has reduced you to a sobbing, snotty mess?


*BC = Before Children



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