Officially a great week!

At the end of a gloriously hot and sunny week I find myself pondering how different this has been to recent weeks.

After being challenged to highlight three daily positives  for five days – which I cruised! – the week continued to improve and, is looking set to finish on a high with Flo’s 1st birthday party at the weekend.

Thursday was quite possibly the best day in a VERY long time.

I was given the good news that I have passed my probationary period at work.. so I’m staying.

This is great news as I actually work with a fantastic group of people, the work is varied, interesting and we have a bit of a giggle in the office too which is always a bonus!

We were treated to an impromptu lunch, ice creams and I even managed a cheeky glass of wine with a couple of the guys after work as mum was on granny-duty!

When I got home the girls were hot and tired so they got dunked straight in a cool bath for a play and bedtime was a dream!

Then, to cap it all, Phil rocked up with a bouquet of my favourite flowers which was a lovely surprise.

However, Phil may live to regret the flowers… When Lily spotted them she asked if they were for her… ‘No sweetheart, Daddy bought them for me’.. ‘Daddy never buys me flowers’ she replied… Ooooooh dear – with a wife and two daughters to keep in flowers, he might be wise to invest in a floristry business!

And so I wonder, could things be on the up? I seriously hope it’s not just a blip!


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