More Positivity.. Part 3

So for my final instalment of five days with three positives per day, we finish with Flo’s 1st birthday.


Generally mornings are her best time of day. It was lovely that it was the same for her birthday. Given that day 5 fell on her special day, I’m giving all three positives to her.

1) She woke in a great mood and loved playing with the sand/ball pit we had set up in the lounge (balls only until it goes outside).


2) Despite having to work all day, I knew she would be having a great time with our wonderful childminder. Things like that make a big difference when you work full time.


3) We managed to get a family snap (of sorts) as Daddy worked at home.


Thankfully those positives made up for a stressful visit to a somewhat unsympathetic GP!

And there it is, five days with three positives (as a minimum!) per day.. It’s been fun and has definitely made me focus on the highlights..


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