Accentuate the positive… Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, days 3 and 4 of highlighting three positives went something like this:

Day 3

1) The rare chance to enjoy breakfast and a coffee in complete solitude. I don’t generally enjoy getting up early but having done so to marshal the Wyvern10km with the running club I took advantage of being the only one up in the house. To be honest, it’s a rare event as, even at 6.30am, one or both of the girls are usually awake!

2) Marshalling at the Wyvern 10km. This got a post all of it’s own so I won’t repeat it!

3) Getting on my bike… I didn’t cycle at all last year due to a rather hefty baby bump and as I set off for Wyvern, I was a tad unsteady. However, I soon got in the swing of it and remembered how much I enjoy whizzing along. As a runner who much prefers the cold of winter, riding on a summers morning is a refreshing change to sweltering and puffing along on two legs!! The question is… I don’t get to run as often as I’d like to.. So how can I shoehorn in some cycling too????

Day 4

1) The morning madness of getting three people organised and out the door on time (2 being children!) is always a big old stress… However, occasionally the stress reduces as a result of Lily waking in a fabulously, happy and cooperative mood. This was one of those days. No shrieking like a fish wife just loads of praise as the cooperation kept coming & we all left on time, fully organised & happy!

2) An audit at work was unexpectedly rescheduled.. Whilst it’ll still happen (& to be honest I’m confident we are pretty much ready for it) the unexpected postponement allowed me to crack on with some other pressing things.

3) I knocked up a delicious vegetable risotto topped with peppered mackerel..


This one’s worthy of a mention as, earlier this week, I’d been extolling the virtues of a good risotto to a friend who isn’t a fan of cooking. This one took about 25 minutes, was delicious, packed with goodness and there were leftovers for Phil’s lunch the next day..

And so, that concludes days three and four.. Just day five to go. And as that’s my baby’s first birthday it’ll get a post all of it’s own.

How are you doing with daily positives?


1 thought on “Accentuate the positive… Part 2”

  1. I think remembering all the positive things that happen over the days is brilliant. It’s easy to get bogged down in the mundane and arduous bits of the day so to highlight the good bits is brilliant.
    Risotto is one of those ‘scary’ meals for me. I’ve only made one and it turned out OK but it did require a fair bit of faff!


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