Accentuate the positive.. Part 1

Last week I got nominated for one of those Facebook things.. I don’t generally bother with these things but this one is a bit different.

Instead of having to be pseudo saucy by posting ‘I like it in’ followed by the location I keep my handbag, or any of those similar things, this was a nomination to post three positives about each day for a period of five days. What a lovely idea…

I was a bit late (well, 12ish hours!) posting my first day as it had been a fairly manic day. When I did my positives were:

  1. Fabulous feedback from Lily’s pre-school teacher reviewing her progress since she started with them. Lily has completely adored her Key Worker, Barbara, since the day she started at Little Drummers. In fact, we all have! She’s such a lovely, warm lady who clearly adores working with the children and has a real talent for bringing out the best in them. Barbara is quite a hero in our house! Since Lily has been there Barbara has compiled a beautiful record of her time and it’s something we will always treasure. I’m not sure Lily has completely grasped that ‘big school’ means no more Barbara and I’m not looking forward to the time she realises!


  3. Cricket – Ok, Hampshire lost but it was a lovely evening to spend outdoors with friends. The girls had fun and watching the sunset over the Ageas Bowl is simply heavenly on a clear evening.
  4. Post cricket drinks & music… Whether or not we manage to stay for this generally depends on the girls. We aren’t really ones for dragging them out in the evenings, preferring the sanity saving bedtime routine. But now and then (generally for cricket) we bend the rules. Thankfully, a busy week for both of them meant they happily snuggled under blankets and went to sleep whilst we enjoyed a couple of drinks and a chat to the backdrop of a Blondie tribute band.

Day two followed hot on the heels of day one as I was a bit more on the ball. And they were small things that could easily have been overlooked.

  1. Strawberry Picking with Lily… As a child I loved going strawberry picking and I’ve been keen to get Lily involved too. We went a couple of years ago and she loved it.. Predictably eating more than she put in her box but that’s the point isn’t it? Last year I was too heavily pregnant to go and after Flo was born, the thought of taking them both in the heat of last summer was too much for me. However, Lily and I don’t get much Mummy and Daughter time anymore and this seemed a great opportunity. Daddy could stay home a do the garden while Flo napped. We only went for about an hour but we came home with a fabulous haul and Lily has been tucking in ever since. In fact, I don’t think there’ll be any ‘past their best’ to make jam with as planned!
  2. A Saturday trip to Sainsbury’s is usually up there with my least favourite things in the world to do. Unfortunately, not having been shopping since the holiday I had little option… And it got me out of weeding the garden! Thankfully mid-afternoon on a sunny Saturday is a great time to go. Flo and I whizzed round and headed home in a smidge under an hour. Result!
  3. An early night for the girls. And an astoundingly easy bedtime! By 6.45pm both were tucked up and snoring leaving us with a decent amount of evening left for a little BBQ. Bliss! As much as I adore them both, I always love them just a little bit more when they’re asleep! 😉

In the day to day grind, it’s so easy for us all to overlook the positives and focus only on the stresses of daily life.

I’m naturally an optimistic person who gives others the benefit of the doubt. But I’m also someone who has always found it far easier to find positives for, and in, other people. I’ve enjoyed having to think back over the day and find the highs rather than anxiously dwelling on the lows.

Maybe I’ll set myself up a gratitude jar and develop a new habit of posting one positive a day for a year. If nothing else it’d make interesting reading to look back at the end of the year!

Gratitude jar
Picture taken from Pinterest courtesy of

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Or are you like me and pessimistic about yourself whilst an eternal optimist about others?

How do you accentuate the positives to eliminate the negative?

And (just for fun) do you know what song that phrase comes from?


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