Endure24 2014 taught me…

I love mud!

I love running in mud!

I’m not so keen on driving my fully loaded car out of a churned up muddy field… Thanks to friends husbands for assisting in that!

I actually, really enjoy running in the dead of night through calf deep mud.

I can do that šŸ”¼ šŸ”¼!

I don’t like chemical toilets.

Nothing beats the support of your team mates and fellow club runners.

O2 has crap coverage in the wilds of Aldermaston!

I can run multiple times in one day and not crumble.

Peeling off muddy compression socks, trail shoes and running tights in a tent, in the early hours of the morning is an unimaginably hideous, yet pleasurable experience.

Mud doesn’t wash out of said compression socks very well.

Completing the challenge left me a sobbing yet elated mess!

Ordinary people can achieve amazing things – here I’m thinking specifically of the solo runners but of course this applies to everyone who tested their boundaries.

Trail shoes need those funky no tie, bobbly laces as once they’re soaked with mud, it’s impossible to tie them properly!

Hedgies rock!

I can’t wait to do it again next year!


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